Blood Mage - Team

Unity: Environment art, Tech art 



Rougelite dungeon crawler to escape dungeon, focus on blood health spell system and grabbing enemies to kill.











Download: Wip!

Revolver Revolver - 

24hr Team Jam

Unity: Game design

Infinite shooter, each hit shot increases revolver spin speed. Each spin gives new ammo. Missing shots resets your spin. More and more enemies to battle!


Ridiculous Recoil - Team

Unity: Game design, Level design, Production

Play as a tank with massive recoil. Your movement is your bullets, the bullets are also your way of combat and winning. Pit against other players in local showdowns.


Watermellone - Solo


Play as a ant in a lush garden grounds. A walking sim where atmosphere fills the air and maybe tasty treats lay rest.


Dagger - Solo


An aesthetic environment you fly around and explore.


Mainly an experiment and test of tones and techniques in Unity.


Scope of game is to large for me as of the moment, maybe one day!

Download: ===